My Obsession

My work is my obsession. I measure the amount of work I do in a day by the number of positive results I receive at the end. If I don't achieve what I wanted to do even after straight 12 hours of work, I consider that I didn't do any work at all, so tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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Insides burn

I was extremely in the dump. Every time I feel like I'm in the dump, there's a voice in me that says it cannot get worse than this. But just a couple of months later, it always gets worse than before. And I go back to the cycle of thoughts how it was better the last... Continue Reading →

Be the catalyst.

Preaching is not same as help in these situations. Even if you're preaching good. It doesn't work this way. They keep defining our lives for us. Every time we start to feel a little different, see a little different than the life they are living, they don't miss a breath to say to us "Its not... Continue Reading →


We look for home. That cosy feeling of togetherness and peace where everything settles because that's where home is. "There's no place like home." But it's not always that easy. Finding home. Maybe the state you're in right now, doesn't necessarily feel that cosy. That satisfactory. So you conclude: "This is not where I belong.... Continue Reading →


I like the sound of crickets more than the singing of birds. I like winter more than summer. I like the moon more than the Sun. I like clouds more than sky. I like rain more than flowers. I like sand more than grass. I like silence more than familiar sounds. I like owls more... Continue Reading →

Who am I.

I am not the other person. I am not their ways. I am not their talks. I am not their minds. I am not their actions. I am not their laughs. I am not their replacement. I am not their understandings.   I am not me. I am not my anger. I am not my... Continue Reading →

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