We look for home.

That cosy feeling of togetherness and peace where everything settles because that’s where home is.

“There’s no place like home.”

But it’s not always that easy. Finding home. Maybe the state you’re in right now, doesn’t necessarily feel that cosy. That satisfactory. So you conclude: “This is not where I belong. I must find home.” And we start searching.

From one chapter of our lives to another.

From one place to another.

From one person to another.

We wander, searching home. You find it somewhere but then lose it. You think to yourself: “This was not it. I considered the wrong place home. I must find it.”

In all the chaos of your life, you forget to be happy and satisfied. Some forcefully find home in places where they don’t fit in. Because they long for the feeling of belonging.

“There’s no place like home.”

It’s true. I have never really felt the existence of home. It doesn’t exist. Hence, there’s no place like home.

But then Allah guides me home. And all it takes is a little push and I’m there.

I’m home.

It’s Him.

Home is where He is.

How can I be happy when I’m not with Him? How can I belong if it’s not with Him? How can I feel home when I’m not there yet?

Think of how many places let you down. How many people let you down. How many times situations disappointed you. How many times the world hated you. If all that isn’t enough to make you understand that home isn’t here, you’re looking at the wrong place, you’re wasting your life.

I’ll feel home when I’m with Him.

Home is where your heart is set in stone.

Your heart should be with Him.

Home is where you go when you’re alone.

You pray when you’re alone.

Home is where you go to rest your soul.

I’ll rest when He calls me to Him.

As long as you’ll have Him near, you’ll be home.

No matter where you roam.


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